My Sugar-Free Promise

Posted in Food & Drink on 03/20/2010 by montecristomorillo

Indeed, on this momentous day, the 20th of March, marks the 2nd year of my total forbearance from drinking sodas. Yes, it was an exacting goal (a resolution actually), to ultimately dispel the insatiable craving for sugar infested beverages. Since diabetes runs in the family, it compounded on my motivation to emulate the strict discipline my father performs as part of his healthy lifestyle. He has been hospitalized once, but not involving any major surgery engendered by a particular illness, just an unexpected eruption of a carbuncle. When I was a kid, I could still vividly recall those moments when I would go into hiding, with a canister of granulated sugar and slices of loaf bread bundled in between my armpit, enshrouding myself from the stockroom filled with shadows. And from that spot, I would not add a sprinkle of sugar on the bread, but I would cast heaps of it, satiating my gustatory sense to its fullest. When I would sit down and ponder about those times, it made me realize how stupid I was for having committed such deathly deeds. Any part of my body could have been amputated, imbalanced and uneven, reducing me to something that is incomplete. To my luck though, Sofija, a Latvian friend of mine, sent me an informative e-mail concerning the amount of sugar enclosed within a bottle of Mountain Dew, my personal favorite. For a 20 oz (590 ml) bottle of the aforementioned drink, it contains a weight of 77g of sugar, making me sick just by imagining the cubes of sugar stacked up. Here’s a link of the site for your personal inspection: From that moment on, I swore an oath, with my bloody action figures in front of me as witnesses, that I would never ever drink those life-shortening liquid. And up until now, that promise is still as adamant as a diamond, unbroken by the itch to taste and time…


Those Bygone Days

Posted in Memories on 03/19/2010 by montecristomorillo

My nephew, an excessively and overactive kid, tapped my back and asked if I would gladly accompany him on the soccer field, located within the grounds where I graduated. Since I had nothing to do then during those times, I acquiesced to his humble request, nodding my head. A large smile was plastered on his face while we were walking on the once dusty road that led to our destination. And there we were, right at the middle of the field, with the orbish outline of the sun about to set, masses of clouds rolling about, and the grass turned brown due to the scorching heat brought about by El Nino. My nephew, who was just beside me, dashed off toward the field goal, running like the wind, swift and silent. With my camera strapped against my back, I hoisted it in front of me and took some pictures. While looking through the viewfinder, a rush of memories started to accumulate within my head, letting me reminisce about the days when I was still young and non-nonchalant. And it just made me think: what if I did the thing I was restricting myself so much during those days? Hmmmm…Nuh! Life has been good to me until now. Anyways, let bygones be bygones!