Romanticizing On A Midnight Swim

The silhouette of the aroma tree was visibly seen from afar as I groped my way toward the seaside, cautious of making any contact with boughs armed with thorns. The sand felt rough yet cool on the soles of my feet, my naked back feeling the raw coolness offered by the frolicsome breeze, rustling some of the leaves that clung on the branches. Upon reaching the platform of the dike, I deposited my backpack on the ground, and ended up admiring the vastness of the sea and the power that it possessed. My eyes surveyed the area and finally settled on six human beings (Macoy, Mico, Daryl, Ysrael, Tiff, and Evelyn) already afloat on the salty waters, engaged on various discussions, enjoying the company of each other.

My body was still warm from the-just-wrapped booze drinking session, which happened to be a natal celebration of one of my best comrades; the alcohol still lingering within my system, relieving me from the stressful life that I trudge on a daily basis. I descended the stairs slowly, careful of not committing any misstep that might incite an injury, afraid that I might slip and end up in a hospital with fractured bones. I dipped my left foot first, testing the waters, analyzing whether I could endure the coldness it provided. Seeing that it was tolerable, I completely submerged myself and joined my buddies, enveloping myself from the hubbub of noises from their conversation. The laughter and smiles plastered on their faces were enough to melt the worries I had in mind during that time, setting my mood into complete relaxation mode, so thankful I had such spectacular acquaintances.

We related stories about Undin, a slimy green monster of the deep that looked like an abomination of Kermit The Frog with tangled sticky hair and webbed hands and feet — gross! Sharks, of course, were surely not to be missed. I was hopeful that Daryl might be bitten to death by this kind of marine life form, with razor sharp teeth that would tear his flesh, creating a fountain of blood oozing upward, prompting us to perform a standing ovation for a job well done. That scene would definitely avenge me from his cruel intentions, giving justice as well to those who had been victimized by his signature annoying stare, which only he could do by the way. Anyways, it would also serve as a retribution for his abrupt relocation/transfer to another part of the archipelago, which would likely cause great sadness and grief amongst our fellowship. Hmpf ! Macoy, on the other hand, narrated a situation with a storyline like this (I hope my account is accurate: On a guy’s perspective): the cruise ship you were in ended up sinking, yet you and seven other gorgeous girls survived from the catastrophic turn of event, and all of you were pushed ashore on a deserted island. It would have been a fantasy granted! But to your disappointment, the ladies saw another survivor, who was none other than Ding Dong Dantes. Drat & Crap! Dream crashed! Lol!

The swimming continued on, moving about our way back and forth, letting ourselves be directed by the force of the current. We waded our way, as it wasn’t that deep; waving our hands underwater, we noticed something brilliant to witness; our gestures triggered a sporadic appearance of tiny lights, looking rather like fireflies swarming. It was breathtaking!

Upon staring at the heavenly firmament, the wide black sky was littered with millions of glimmering stars, the moon hiding behind a mass of scudding clouds, mystifying our eyes with its marvel and romance. And then my keen sight caught it with such visibility, a falling star…

Closing my eyes, I marshaled all the positive vibes and made a wish.

I wished that she was with me on that very place, our hands clasped against each other, her sweet smelling hair brushing against my face, our bodies sharing the warmth, hoping that it would last forever. I wished that we would end up in each others’ arms and embrace. I wished that she was thinking of me, just as I was thinking of her while I make that hopeful wish. Opening my eyes, I saw the streak of light vanish into thin air, optimistic that GOD was listening and considering my wish…

My heart beat faster, ensued by a silence of the soul, caressing all thoughts about her. Her image floating around me, reminding me of her captivating smile that rendered me motionless the first time I saw her. Her smile, compared to the moonlight, was incomparable; for hers was “brighter than sunshine”…

Engrossed on the lovely view the firmament presented, I branded that moment: “The Most Romantic Midnight Swim”.


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  1. ianyce Says:

    .,love the stellar picture and nice post

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