E2= Earthquakes and Elections

I was browsing the world wide web yesterday, searching for sites regarding diving courses and its corresponding rates, which would likely allow me to obtain a PADI (Professional Association Of Diving Instructors) license. I have always been interested in exploring the mysteries of the deep, communing with creatures subsisting in the aquatic world, and spreading the gospel of conservation among concerned citizens. While examining one particular diving school, the glass of cranberry juice beside me suddenly quivered, creating ripples inside that reminded me of Jurassic Park: the protagonists were rendered immobile by the undulations visible on a puddle, indicating the approach of the ferocious tyrannosaurus. And then it trembled…

The paintings hanging askew on our wall vibrated, the lamps held by chains while suspended in air swung from side to side, and everyone stood still for almost a minute…


Way back November 15, 1994, at around 03:15 am in the morning, our province was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 that jolted me awake when I fell from the double-decked bed, rewarding me with a bleeding nose. What I wasn’t aware of was that the temblor generated a tsunami that wrought significant damage on the northern shoreline communities of Mindoro, leaving 41 people dead by drowning. On the breaking of dawn, when I went outside, I was agape at the sight that I witnessed: century old trees were uprooted, the pavement was fissured, light posts were tumbled down, and other images in catastrophic proportions. It was a memory etched on our very minds…a day ought to be remembered.

After the incident yesterday, March 25, 2010, there was a flood of messages on my mobile phone, twitter, facebook, and other social networks, all concerning about the quake that transpired. According to the news, the Manila earthquake registered a magnitude of 6.1 on the Richter Scale, with its epicenter located northeast of Lubang, Occidental Mindoro. Such circumstance sent employees working inside high-rise buildings fleeing outside, nervous and frightened. Thank the Creator, it was a non-destructive one. I still fervently pray that the Philippines be spared from such tragedy…

Present Day

March 26, 2010: Campaign for the local elections starts today, evidenced by the visibility of posters plastered on legally accepted surfaces, automobiles with gigantic speakers playing promise-filled jingles, and street teams distributing informative paraphernalia. I could definitely feel the atmosphere of competition, with every persona running for office devising their own set of political strategies, making use of the media well. I already have the list of candidates whom I will be voting for in the national and local elections come May 10, provided that none of their faces be detected on any trees, or else suffer the consequence of being omitted. I plea that the trees be exonerated from piercing nails, as I wouldn’t want them victimized by human’s pursuit to victory and their endeavors, that even nature receive our unjust actions. I appeal to the voting public that we choose leaders whose catalogue of agenda fall into these categories: (1) a government with minimal tinge of corruption (2) concern for climate change (3) considerable amount of budget for education (4) support for farmers and Filipino scientists (5) and relentless assistance to the OFWs. We must be critical in scrutinizing the qualifications of those who are running, checking if they possess the strength and integrity to manage our nation, just to prove that they’re up to challenge of reshaping this country of ours which is in a quagmire of moral decadence and financial indebtedness. Let there be light in the elections…


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