Ze German’s Moldy Bread

I was rummaging through our kitchen cabinets, looking for some foil or any zip-pak plastic containers to store the grapes I bought fresh from the market. Upon opening the cabinet located on the upper, right hand corner of the room, I saw to my repugnance, a rotting loaf of bread which was given to us by Per & Dahlia, a couple who migrated from Germany to the Philippines. Based on my impeccable recollections, the wheat bread was still oven fresh and bewitching in appearance when it was delivered right at our doorsteps, still with those curls of smoke and aroma that was captivating. And what turned of the bread was beyond comparison to its previous aesthetic looks. The bread smelt of stale air, with patches of molds almost entirely covering the form, creating a pattern of an archipelago seen on a map. It was utterly disgusting to the sight! I pulled out a razor sharp knife from the wooden drawer and pierced the center of bread, removing it from its current position, leaving traces of fungi on the surface. While transferring it to a no longer used ceramic plate, the sunlight that permeated through our windowpane revealed the tiny spores of mold lifting off, comparable to that of dandelions blown by the air. Tracing back through time, I was probably in a hurry during those moments when the bread was given to us, neglecting the proper way and art of storing baked products. I forgot to cool the bread first before putting it away at room temperature, which apparently ignited the propagation of molds on the food, producing a carpet of moss-like substance. I could’ve tasted its crispy crust and soft inside, enjoying it with jam or marmalade perhaps, while drinking lemonade on the afternoon. But most of all, I felt guilty for ‘ze’ Germans, whose effort in creating it was put all into waste. I owe them the apology…

To make amends, I would probably send them a casserole of clam chowder which they’re obsessively delirious with…


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